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TIESO, its story
 for men: caring for ‘seen’ and ‘unseen’

The founder of TIESO, Tonny Ann, worked at Medtronic for 15 years before starting his business. Medtronic is well known for their healthcare products and he contributed to this company by marketing, training, and managing at diverse divisions. It was an opportunity for him to build up his capacity as a specialized cosmetic and healthcare marketer in those times, expanding his knowledge and experiences in the field by learning from medical doctors, experts and other healthcare professionals, also strengthening his network in the cosmetic and skincare industry. In 2018, he established TIESO – his own production of ‘Cosmeceutical’ items, innovating a completely new category of products in the cosmetic market.

ïŹ The new concept, ‘Cosmeceutical’ products
TIESO innovated a new variety of products - ‘Cosmeceuticals’, which would function as both ‘cosmetic’ as well as ‘pharmaceutical’ treatment. TIESO products are acknowledged as medical-grade, as dermatologists and skin doctors have played an active role in formulating and producing items.
The first products introduced to the market in 2019 were cleansers and soothing creams designed particularly for men.
These new products mitigate skin problems, and at the same time enhance hygiene particularly for young adults or men who have sensitive skin. Unlike typical harshness of men’s skincare, TIESO introduces gentler products that protect and maintain the skin’s natural barrier. For instance, the soothing cream can keep skin stay moisturized for up to 24 hours.

The business started supplying new products to skin clinics and hospitals, but it was not long until they realized that medical-grade products wouldn’t appeal to a general population who had no exposure medical skincare. Thus they redirected their business by specifically targeting men.

Since the business started, TIESO had advocated for R&D to invest, to better develop and more efficiently improve the quality of products.
TIESO has demonstrated significant growth during the last couple years: expanding their market across the US, Canada, Australia, Taiwan, Singapore as well as other South East Asian countries such as Vietnam and Thailand. TIESO, in the midst of its vast expansions has maintained a good reputation, consistently receiving positive feedback from customers across multiple social media platforms. Furthermore, online sales for Cosmeceutical products spiked during the COVID-19 pandemic, proving the durability and success of TIESO in virtual markets. Observing the massive success of products on web-platforms, TIESO has future plans to optimize online-markets.

During 2021, TIESO has explored new markets targeted to sports industries. TIESO has contracted with Korean sports teams, KTWIZ and KT SONICBOOM to advertise to their line of products. KTWIZ won their first trophy during their regular season in 2021, gaining exposure for TIESO throughout their championship. TIESO has continued to sponsor KT SONICBOOM during winter seasons. In the prospective year, TIESO plans to contract with Rollster, an e-sports team which would be a stepping stone into e-Sports marketing.
Last but not least, TESO believes that the true beauty could be presented through ‘good heart’ and ‘helping hands’ for the vulnerabilities like children and the elderly, hence will continue to contribute back to the society as a responsible corporate.